Tilt Shift

Ok. So for you out there that love to play with around with your photographs. Here is a fun little free toy. It is supposed to make your pictures look unreal, or like a toy by changing the tilt and focus of the photograph you upload. You can upload photos on this site for free and have some fun. Here are some of my photos I did.


Before (No it wasn't our car.)

After. I think this one looks a little toyish. It certainly gave the picture more impact.


All of these are after adding Tilt Shift






You really must know

Now, I really must tell you that the photos I made into Tilt-Shift Photos aren't the ideal for this type of manipulation. Ideal photos have small people in them, cars, buildings. Those can really look toyish when you are done. And, you can do a much more elegant job with Photoshop. Here is a tutorial. I am sure to try to get some photos with small people in them now, just to try this out since I do have Photoshop. How fun!

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