Dogs At Sand Castle Contest

My dear husband and I went had a lovely, romantic little weekend at the beach. Surpise to us, there was a Sand Castle Building contest that weekend. I have some neat pictures to show you from that. But they will have to wait. I have never seen so many different dogs at one place, with the exception of a dog show. I really should have taken more pictures. But, I wanted to share the pictures I did take. It is amazing to me the variety of dogs that exist. Enjoy.


An Australian Shepherd. We own an Australian Shepherd. Unfortunately, I am never able to take her to a public event like this. She would bark like crazy. I saw several Aussies at the beach, however. They come in a wide varieties of looks. I saw one that looked just like ours, but didn't get a picture of him. This one happened to have three legs. An amazingly sweet dog.


I'm not sure on the breed of this dog. I'm thinking some kind of terrier. Really cute though.


This is a very sweet Rat Terrier. She was a little nervous to be among so many people and dogs. She was about twice as big as the dog in the previous picture.


Is this some sort of Pomeranian? She belonged to one of the sand castle builders and just hung out all afternoon.


I loved this little bull dog. She's about five months, her owner told me. Isn't she just adorable? She seemed pretty calm too.


3/4 Pyranese. I love the mellowness of these dogs. When I was looking for a dog several years ago, I shyed away from this breed because the literature said they could be defensive of their family (aggressive). They seem so mellow though.


Weimeraners are such a beautiful color. They remind me of my parent's dogs, which are Rhodesian Ridgebacks, but just a little calmer. I think this breed tends to be quite energetic like the Ridgebacks, however. But, seemingly, a little more easily trainable.

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