I Heart Faces - Completely Candid

I am participating in this week's I Heart Faces photo challenge. This week's theme is Completely Candid.

Well, I was trying to stretch my brain for what photo is completely candid. Of course, much of what I shoot is candid. But, very seldom are the people I take pictures of lost in what they are doing to the point that they hardly know I'm there. When we go to the beach on a warm day, that's what happens with my girls. They are in heaven.



Grits414 said...

Great shot!!!

B said...

Fun shot! I love that her feet aren't even touching the ground!

Oh, and because I don't have flickr (and for a variety of reasons didn't want to get an account there) I tried Windows Live Writer. It works great! I read about it on an IHeartFaces tutorial. It is so much faster to blog with it!!! Anyhow, Thanks for all of your help. I REALLY appreciate it!!!

Taylor said...

Beautiful! Love the action and silhouette.