An Ordinary Post

I know everyone out there in the blogsphere is posting Christmas posts. I am getting ready to enjoy the Christmas season...really I am. I just take a while. I feel like I have to have my X's checked off, then I can enjoy things. I've learned in my life to not get too involved in anything at typically busy times in life. I'm just not the sort of person that enjoys that sort of thing.

What I do love is Christmas day alone with my lovely little family, reading the true Christmas story out of Luke, listening to the girls sing Christmas songs, and realizing that they really get what the real meaning of Christmas is. So, I still will wait on the Christmas posts.

Today I was heading out with my lovely eight year old to go shopping - a day with just her and I. It was a little tiring for her (and I), but I think it was a good experience and a bonding time, nonetheless.

On the way out of our place, I thought, "what a typical day it was today weather wise for this time of year (and beautiful too in it's own way)". So, I wanted to share some pictures of the landscape (and weather) as I was driving out.

Below is our home. You can only see a small bit of it. The trees are the property line on one side, but our little "farm" extends to the left far beyond this picture and way down the hill along the trees, where you can't see it. This fogged in look is typical. It really isn't foggy per se. It is rainy and those are clouds hitting the foothills. Usually when there is fog in town, we are fortunate to not get any right where we are because we are a little higher than town.


The following is looking back to our little valley we live in and you can see the foothills rising all around - foothills to the mountains. No volcanos right nearby, but there are plenty of almost 4000' mountains just a little to the East.


Isn't this next picture striking? I've always thought that one Oregon White Oak in the middle of the Firs to be striking. There are a lot of tree farmers in our area. Those small trees will be big in a few years.



Taylor said...

Love that fog, it make everything seem so myterious.

I shot that picture beside my picture window in my living room. It was actually a pretty "gray" day outside so I wasn't sure if I should fix the blue tint it had but I thought the blue hue kind of added to the expression on her face. Kind of like "what to do now since the weather is so blah" lol!

Mrs Soup said...

That last photo is just breathtaking. I ADORE the weather this time of year.