A Few Pictures

I saw my middle girl outside today without any shoes and I had to run outside and try and capture her. This is so my daughter. As soon as she learned to take off her shoes, if the car ride was over five minutes long her shoes would be off. And, while it was a "warmer" day today (in the fifties) those are cold, red feet. She was out there for well over an hour without those shoes on.


My oldest daughter makes the greatest of faces and totally ignores me when I come around with a camera.



And, while not the most engaging picture, this picture means a lot to me, because it shows the shear curli-q-ness of my toddler.



Marla said...

Man those red feet are making me COLD! Such a great capture though . . . and those curls . . . those curls are to die for! Such beautiful young ladies . . . .

Taylor said...

Taylor is the exact same with the socks and shoes! She even takes all socks and shoes off of her dolls lol!