Fix It Friday

Here are two more fixes. Converted to black and white - one I kept the blue of the eyes, but lowered the opacity.



I did a second fix of the photo. I can't explain what I did differently except when I did a layer to sharpen the eyes I also fixed the layer for intense blues in the eyes. Then I painted in just the eyes on that layer using a layer mask. Then I adjusted the skin tones a little at the end. I also rotated it and cropped it. Here is my second fix:

beautiful_blues_fixed_2 hosts a weekly challenge to "fix" a photo. This weeks photo is entitled "beautiful blues". So here is my fix:


This is my fix.


This is the original.

I won't totally take you step by step through what I did, but here is a summary:

I applied several adjustment layers - curves, levels, color balance, channel mixer. I combined my layers. I applied sharpen to one layer just for the eyes. Then I created a layer mask using alt-the layer mask button (circle inside a square on your layers palette), and I painted with white just over (the dark part of) the eyes. I combined the layers and used the spot healing brush on little spots of food on her face and teeth. Then I applied a final sharpen.


Tallulah (REBELXTi) said...

This looks wonderful!! Sharpening the eyes is a great effect, she looks beautiful!! :)

Shutter Bug said...

Nice eyes! Well done. Your pictures just keep getting better and better! Keep up the good work! I love looking at you stuff. It's NEVER boring. :)
Have a great day!
Marie :)

Shae said...

awesome job!