Pictures I Love

I was going through my compact flash card trying to pair down pictures on it today. I can't delete them yet because I haven't put them on at least two computers (both of which have redundant hard drives or RAID). That's my rule. My photos are priceless to me. So, I was going through to see if there were photos that weren't so great that I could delete so I wouldn't keep getting the CF Card Full message. I hate that message, don't you?

Anyhow, I noticed a bunch of pictures from my husband's birthday - that I just LOVED. I hadn't done anything with them because my computer was down in February. Can you say..."thank you redundant hard drives"?

I love upping the blacks in Camera Raw and adjusting brightness and/or contrast to compensate.

This one is all composition. I was happy with the black and white conversion on this too.

I just love this picture above. I love it despite the clutter and the reflection of me taking the picture. I just love the pure enthusiasm of my daughter, giving a present to her Dad.

Yummy dinner. Nothing too special about this picture - except to say I like when the focus on food is closer rather than farther away - notice how the focus is in the front of the bowl.


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Alyssa said...

I LOVE the birthday cake photo & the one of your baby in the high chair pointing- the composition rocks! Love how her little finger leads you to the blurred cake in the background. Perfect!
Love, Alyssa