Rough Edges With A Clipping Mask

Using the same (EASY) technique I write about in the previous entry, I also made this. I


For the above photo, instead of using a shape for my black clipping layer, I just painted with a large, rough brush on a transparent layer, and made sure the color was black. Then I ALT clicked the line between the black layer (bottom) and the photo (top).

If you want an edge other than standard Photoshop brushes, this gal has quite a few she offers for free (and others for a good price). Or, you could make your own.

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Taylor said...

Love that edge! I tried something like that way back in the summer but it didn't look that great.

Regarding Taylor's hats. I actually just bought my Nanny a ton of yarn to knit me some hats but the hats in the pictures are store bought. She has a pink one just like the cream one too lol! I got them all from Loblaws in the Joe section.