Constructive Feedback Friday - Ferry Boat

Here is my photo for Constructive Feedback Friday at It was taken on a ferry boat ride in Seattle. Unfortunately I didn't make it in the top 40 links, but hopefully someone will stop by here and give me some input anyhow.


This was the SOCC (straight out of the camera) version.

I really like this picture. I just love my step-daughter's hair in this photo. She has such a beautiful flaxen hair color. I also love her relaxed gaze. Today, I played with this photo using a technique my bloggy friend Alyssa let me know about. Check it out here: How to use a grid in Photoshop to apply the rule of thirds to your photos.

I also adjusted the curves with a slight S curve and adjusted the levels on this photo.


I think I like this fix best, as it gives my step-daughter a lot of space to look into.


Here I am trying an alternative fix, which lines her facial features up on one of the 1/3 grid lines, and which also allows some of the color from the city scape to be seen. I wanted some color for interest, but wasn't as happy with the visual appeal of this one.


This is the flattened version.


Here is the original again for comparison.

I'd like a version of this has the color and good visual appeal - room for her to gaze into and following the guideline of thirds. I'd really like to figure out how to tease out her hair and make it stand out more (selective color). But nothing I tried looked smooth on this. I do own illustrator too, but don't own any non-adobe software. Any input would be welcome.

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