Constructive Feedback Friday hosts Feedback Friday every week. This week they were inviting people to give feedback on Photoshop tweaks of their photos. They limited it to 40 people and I just missed out. But I was browsing others photos. Here is the easiest way for me to provide feedback - just playing around with it myself - here is a before and after.


The photographer's main complaint with her photo were the shadows on her boy's face. To this photo I:

  • I selected the red of the hat using the Quick Selection Tool and made that a seperate layer so that it wasn't effected so much by the following three steps
  • I pulled down the grey on the levels slider (this took away a lot of shadows)
  • I did an S curve in Curves paying close attention to the lighting of the face
  • I did an unsharp mask on the photo at about 100%
  • I merged my layers
  • I did an unsharp mask just for the eyes at about 150% just to get the glint in the eye. Then I applied a mask (alt-mask button - the square with a circle in it). And painted just the glinty area of the eyes till I liked the effect.
  • I set up a grid and moved the photo so that it centered around the right third (see next post on the Guideline Of Thirds)
  • I did a hue/saturation layer to JUST slightly desaturate the photo
  • I played with slight adjustments to color balance and selective color and brightness/contrast.
  • Finally, I ran a 9% warming filter (bluish tint) to warm up the photo a bit.

Here was my final version:


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Katarina said...

Wow! Thanks. I really like the finished photo, and your instructions helped!