Fun Images - Making A Rainbow Graphic

Here are a couple of fun images for you:




Here is how you can make your own:

  • First choose a file with good contrast.
  • I open mine in Camera Raw and help the contrast along by altering Exposure, Contrast, Clarity, and Blacks. Here is a file straight out of Camera Raw:



  • Now choose Add Adjustment Layer Button (circle with half black/half white) and Threshhold.



  • This will create a two color (black and white) image of your original. Adjust to your liking.
  • Now, depending on how clean my image turns out, I would go and clean up the blacks a little by hand. To do this Flatten your image (Layer > Flatten Image) and choose the paintbrush tool and paint over any black with white that is distracting.
  • Here is my cleaned up and cropped version.



  • Next ALT-Add Adjustment Layer Button and Gradient.
  • Adjust your gradient to your liking.


    NOTE:I made my gradient a rainbow as it seemed to fit the pictures of my kids. You can choose any gradient you want. A more subtle gradient would work great too.


  • You're done. Just flatten your image and save. Sometimes I'll run a mild unsharp mask just because I'm addicted to unsharp, but you don't have to.


This is my final image.

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